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    Default crunchSMS help

    I just downloaded crunchSMS and I really like it except for I am having two problems that I couldn't find help for on the crunchsms.com website and they wont respond to my emails. I am hoping someone here can help.

    Problem # 1 is I cant send text messages to a group. I can do it through the stock sms app, but what a pain to go back and forth, plus it wont thread the messages when I receive responses if I do it that way. So can I send group texts via crunchsms?

    Problem # 2 is I receive mms just fine but not contact cards. Can crunchsms not receive contact cards?

    Anyone who might can help with these two things that would be awesome!

    I have always used the stock app, but the crunchsms app is so much more visually appealing!
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    I've used crunchSMS for years and really like the app. I haven't found any way to send texts to a group using it. I just checked the FAQ and didn't see it asked as a question. When you email them, be sure to put Not FAQ in your subject line.
    FAQ does not help me
    Please email us again at help@crunchsms.com.
    You must put the subject as "NOT FAQ" otherwise you'll just get the auto-reply message again!
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    I have used CrunchSMS for years as well and felt it was more useable than the native app until recently. Now that I used text a lot on my PlayBook via Bridge to my phone it is a little annoying because I get messages into both programs.

    To answer your question about contact card, I have not tried that. I wonder if it is basically an image. Have you made the changes so you can recieve MMS? Try that and send a message to yourself to see if it helps.

    CrunchSMS was really active months ago. In fact we were getting updates so frequently (several a week) that it was almost like spam and very annoying. I even deleted it for awhile. I suspect when BB10 drops there will be no need for the program.
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    I can receive mms - well at least I can receive pictures, I haven't tried to receive any videos yet. A contact card is sent as a .vcf file as opposed to an image.

    I am new to crunchSMS. I got bored one day and looked at apps and somehow stumbled across it. Nothing wrong with the stock SMS app, crunchSMS was merely more visually appealing.

    So I suppose I just have to decide if I want visually appealing but not complete or boring and complete - LOL

    Thanks for the responses!

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