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    Default PIN messages option keeps disappearing

    I think there is another topic about this, but it might be dead.
    I've got a 9800, running with Airtel, India.
    Just noticed the send PIN messages option wasn't there, so I pulled the battery, and as soon as my phone booted, I opened the messages application and 'lo and behold! It was there!
    I exited the application and opened it after a minute and two, and it was gone again!
    I tried this a few times, and I've noticed the option disappears about 20 seconds after the phone boots up. Does anyone also have the same problem?
    However, please note, I can send PIN messages, I clicked the option while it was there, and managed to send a PIN message to a friend, and the tick mark along with the 'D' appeared.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    That was also an issue with the same version OS on a 9650. Try a hybrid or downgrade/upgrade.

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