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    Default How old is your Torch 9800?

    Wanting to know the lifetime of the 9800.
    So how old is yours? (working!)

    Mine's 20 month old, working excellent and no slider or battery problems.
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    My 9800 was just retired at 24 months. No issues just replaced by 9810 for the user. Great phones for the slider crowd.
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    Default Re: How old is your Torch 9800?

    Mine is 24 months. On my second battery and flex cable faulty but as long as I don't slide it then touch and screen will work but if I slide it I may loose touch and I must lock screen then unlock to bring screen back.

    I had the Star Trek tricorder sound on slide open so I would slide it for the sound and heavy phone data use for work plus personal use. I can get at the most two days depending on usage but old bat was fat and would show 80% but then dropped to 10% then device is turning off.

    Found someone with a torch with a broken screen so I'm going to rob the flex cable from that

    I am happy with this device as it does what I need and does it well plus the latest OS seems to have made it respond better.

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    Mine is 23+ months old. I say "+" because I got it as a refurbished 1 cent upgrade sale. So I don't know how old it was when I got it. Couldn't have been more than another month or two though given when it first came out. All still works perfectly as is.

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    You will like what in have to say. I got my phone New unlocked from the Stages B4 you could get them in Canada. So that must have been about the end of 2010?? I work on the oil rigs and my Torch 9800 has been dropped down a flight of metal stairs 20 feet high. I've dropped it in a puddle of oil, it's fallen out of my truck right onto the corner of the curb. Only just last week did the screen get a little smashed, and it still works great. I use the slider all the time no problems there. I had it completely full with apps and it got kind of slow and would freeze up so I backed it up and "wiped" it,now it feels like a new phone again, except for the screen. The broken screen doesn't affect the performance. The life of my Torch should get a movie made about it - LOL.
    Good luck with yours.
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    M daughter's BB Torch 9800 model going on year 2.5 my BB Torch model 9800 is now age 1.5 years.
    Very durable and incident free. Had a BB Curve 8900 model for 4 years. Not a fan of have to have it new with every untested new model.
    Will also not jump on bandwagon with BB 10 until see comments and issues on Crackberry forum after launch.
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    Michael ATL
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    26 months. No issues other than new battery at 24 months.
    bbecause it's bbetter
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    My 9800 is exactly 2 years old today. I have issues with the losing the touch keyboard and screen rotation. I just lay it face down on a leather notebook and firmly push/slide it in the closed position with the heel of my hand once or twice. Everything works fine again as long as I don't open the slider. This phone will definitely get replaced next February when bb10 becomes reality. Cannot wait!
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    Mine is 25 months old. Looks the same as when I bought it. Working relatively well. Only issue is the end call button needs a few presses to disconnect a call or to go back to home screen. Other than that, still my favorite phone to date. Hopefully it holds out until I can get a new BB10 phone.
    Sony W850 --> Toshiba G500 --> Samsung Omnia --> BB Bold 9000 --> BB Torch 9800 --> BB Q10

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    Default Re: How old is your Torch 9800?

    Mines about 17 months I think and it still looks brand new. My wife has the 9810 and even though its newer the chrome has worn off. Waiting to retire this bad boy when BB10 comes out.
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    Default How old is your Torch 9800?

    u need a new flex cable to fix that
    Quote Originally Posted by randynjaimie View Post
    My 9800 is exactly 2 years old today. I have issues with the losing the touch keyboard and screen rotation. I just lay it face down on a leather notebook and firmly push/slide it in the closed position with the heel of my hand once or twice. Everything works fine again as long as I don't open the slider. This phone will definitely get replaced next February when bb10 becomes reality. Cannot wait!
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    2 years 3 months 14 days 15 hours 19 minutes EST. I bought it on its released date.
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    25 months old - was despatched to me on UK release.

    No problems at all, although to be fair, it did have 4 months rest in the middle and I'm no longer on BIS (money issues). Everything is still awesome though - few chips here and there, but no problems. Whatever happens now my next phone is a BB10, but I'm convinced my 9800 will last until I've saved up enough!
  14. Ousus's Avatar
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    Mine is 26 months, with no issues. I bought it in Washington D.C. during a conference. But as soon as the BB10 phone makes it to South Africa, old faithful will be retired!
  15. Manic99's Avatar
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    Had mine since release. Loving my Torch. Cannot live without it. All of my appointments, or should I say my 13 year old daughter's social life is in the phone. Without it I am completely lost or would never be on time to pick her up. Changed the original battery about 5 months ago, other then that no real issues.
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    I have had mine since it was release in mid 2010.

    I get the App 602 Error about 3x a day, nothing fixes it. It freezes when going from landscape to portrait at least 1x day.
    Weird battery issues (even replaced it and still does it) - if I use the camera, my battery dies. Pull it and it resets the battery. sometimes. Sometimes my battery lasts all day, sometimes it lasts about 3 hours, even with no use.
    My slider is not even anymore, its crooked and raised so when the keyboard is hidden its moves.
    My BB key barely works, you have to press it really hard to make it work and 99% of the time it goes the screen that shows what apps are running.
    My back button does not work.
    The keyboard pad is loose and has delays when typing.
    There are more but that seems to be enough..

    Oddly enough.. I still love my phone. I could have gotten a new one months ago but I am holding out for the new BB10
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    Mine is almost 2 years old now. And it works great. I almost dropped it many times severly once from a running car. But wohoo when I picked it back it was jus ok! Jus leaving a single scratch on the white metallic body. Rest was all ok..!! A single thing what I hate in my 9800 is its battery backup. It hardly gives a day times.
    Don't Ever Make A Girl Cry, God Counts Her Tears...!!!
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    Mine's about a month away from turning 2 years old. Other than a couple of deep nicks on the chrome , nothing too terrible (and it's still using the same screen protector since its first day). The battery still lasts 2 days without recharge atm.

    Funny enough, I went through 5 plastic cases (mostly due to the attachment point failures).
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    Got mine in 2010 (July?). Still works great, however. it -IS- 3G speed for data.....very frustrating.

    Quote Originally Posted by Just Giver View Post
    I had the Star Trek tricorder sound on slide open so I would slide it for the sound
    Neat. I gotta find that.
    AT&T / Z10 STL100-3 /

    Smashed screen. Temporarily back on Torch 9800 /

    Just chill the hell out. It's pretty bad when I'M the voice of reason. lol - Bla1ze
  20. Patrick Mcd's Avatar
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    Wow I didnt realise you lot over thesea got it earlier than the UK.

    Mines 18mths old, only cosmetic damage, but your right its been thriugh the wars.

    No issues with os or slider
    Phone: BB Z10 STL100-2

    Tablet: Samsung Tab2 10.1
    OS: Android JB 4.1.1

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