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    Default browser not opening and service books disappearing ( Need your EXPERT opinions !)

    Hello everyone !

    When I was with my earlier service provider (no BIS) I had my browser working, hotspot and internet browsers. Now once i ported to another service provider, I'm having only the hotspot browser, which as you all know activates only when in a hotspot.

    I Do not have BIS and its expensive, and pretty much lacks utility for me, because i hardly do BBM or Mail. What I do have is an internet pack which works over edge.
    So I dont have the BB browser. What do I do? I went through some threads, and found out that I could, download service books, and restore them to my BB using the DM. I did that. Works fine. However, on a battery pull, it loses the browser service book. So i thought probably I'm fundamentally going wrong with getting the browser to manually work by restoring service books.

    So how do I do it? I do have Opera but you know you can't watch videos etc, and well, the feel of using the BB browser is different lets agree
    I had some threads explaining, that, it loses the books, because the service books are old, and it discards them. Possible because the ones i downloaded were obviously old, haven't found any new ones. But there's no guarantee thats the problem, and even if it were, how do I fix it?

    On an elementary scale, if my browser restoration procedure is correct, which is download the service books and restore using DM, then how do i retain them, when i do the battery pull?

    I really need some help with this !
    I'm using a storm 2 9550 btw. No BIS remember.
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    From my understanding, without a BIS plan you can only use the Hotspot browser when connected to Wifi.

    In order to use the browser over the native blackberry browser you need a BIS data plan. I believe the reason your phone is "discarding" the service books on a reboot is that phone goes to register with your carrier, your carrier is telling it "no, you don't have BIS" and deleting them.

    the only browser that works without a BIS data plan is opera.

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