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    Quote Originally Posted by ju1ce View Post
    Here's an ota download for the ringtones, by rim themselves. It's the os5 ringtones for os6

    Thanks!! I was getting annoyed by the small amount of sounds and notifications!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffreii View Post
    This thread is somewhat obsolete, please see here first:

    You may have noticed that the 9800 includes some new alerts/ringtones...but is missing pretty much everything else!

    I've done some searching and a lot of trial and error...but haven't managed to move the ringtones from my 9000 to my 9800. Can't send via bluetooth. Can't copy from the system to media card or internal storage and then move to 9800...

    This is probably something fairly easy but as I've never played with the ringtones on my 9000, I'm a little lost on how to move them to my 9800.

    Thanks in advance.

    *OLD* SOLUTION (see link above first):

    Ok there are two methods. An easy one and a slightly more difficult but better method. Both should work on ANY BlackBerry with OS 6.0!

    1) Easy: Download the ringtones to your computer and put them in your internal storage or media card "ringtones" folder. These seem to be very slightly lower quality and if your phone is in mass storage mode the ringtones/alerts will temporarily be changed to default because the phone cannot access the ringtones in the storage/media card.

    Download this:
    Rapidshare Ringtones ZIP file

    Unzip and put whichever ringtones you want in your ringtones folder on your phone - you can use the 4GB internal storage card or the MicroSD card for this.

    Pull the battery to reboot.

    2) Harder (but better): Use BBSAK to install the .cod files that contain the old ringtones. This is the only way to get the ringtones on the system memory that is always accessable. You will not be able to specify which ringtones are installed - aside from choosing from these 2 files - everything included in the .cod(s) you install will be put on the phone.
    Thanks to MACKSnare519 for this idea!

    Choose which .cods you want based on the files they contain - the file list is at the bottom of this post. Download to your computer and unzip - files within each are listed at the bottom:

    9000 Tones:


    9700 Tones


    Download and install BBSAK to your computer (I suggest using 1.7 - if you're trying a newer version and having problems, go back to 1.7 like I did):
    BBSAK 1.7 Download

    Plug your phone in as if you were using Desktop Manager but instead run BBSAK. Under the tab "Modify Cods" choose "Install Cod(s)". Select the .cod you want and it will install it. Repeat if you want both of the .cods installed. Unplug your phone and do a battery pull.

    When you go to change alert tones through profile management on your phone, you'll find all of them under "All Alerts..." in the dropdown box.

    EDIT: You will have to do this process each time you install a new OS on the phone. After the OS is installed, use BBSAK to install the .cod(s), reboot the phone and then run DM6 - select restore and choose selective restore - the only option you need to restore is called "sounds" - this will correctly restore your profile settings.

    PS: Someone mentioned there were other ringtones missing - perhaps Storm-specific ringtones. The .cods I linked above were extracted from a Bold 9000 OS. If someone wants to upload the .cod(s) for the Storm I'll gladly put them in this post.

    Here's what's included in the two .cods:


    <file name="Alarm_Antelope.m4a"/>
    <file name="Alarm_EarlyRiser.m4a"/>
    <file name="Alarm_Electronic.m4a"/>
    <file name="Alarm_HighAlert.m4a"/>
    <file name="Alarm_QuickBell.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBGrooves_Interlude.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBInspired_AsianMorning.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBInspired_Chivalry.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBInspired_Epiphany.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBInspired_NimbleBeat.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBInspired_Orchess.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBPro_Alarm.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBPro_Confirm.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBPro_ElectriCall.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBPro_GungHo.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBPro_Link.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBPro_Sanguine.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBPro_VintageAlarm.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_Gong.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_Levitate.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_LightChime.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_Melodious.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_Pianola.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_Soar.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_Tranquility.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_2Loud.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_BBPro_5.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_BBPro_6.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_BikeBell.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Caffeine.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_ChiGong.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Contentment.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Cricket.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Crystal.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Dimples.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Eager.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Entrance.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_EtVoila.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Greeter.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_LightSpeed.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Lucid.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Magic.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Morning.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Ninja.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Nymph.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Ready.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_SoapBreak.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Sonar.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_Spell.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_StarPortal.m4a"/>
    <file name="Notifier_UFO.m4a"/>
    <file name="Ringer_BBPro_1.m4a"/>
    <file name="Ringer_BBPro_2.m4a"/>
    <file name="Ringer_BBPro_3.m4a"/>
    <file name="Ringer_BBPro_4.m4a"/>
    <file name="Ringer_Bonjour.m4a"/>
    <file name="Ringer_ClassicPhone.m4a"/>
    <file name="Tune_AssemblyLine.mid"/>
    <file name="Tune_BachFugueDMinor.mid"/>
    <file name="Tune_CoolRunnins.mid"/>
    <file name="Tune_Entertainer.mid"/>
    <file name="Tune_Eurotrance.mid"/>
    <file name="Tune_FurElise.mid"/>


    <file name="Alarm_Bold_byStewartCopeland.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBGrooves_SmoothLatin.m4a"/>
    <file name="BBRelaxed_StarChime.m4a"/>
    <file name="StewartCopeland_Ringtone1.m4a"/>
    <file name="StewartCopeland_Ringtone2.m4a"/>
    <file name="StewartCopeland_Ringtone3.m4a"/>
    <file name="StewartCopeland_Ringtone4.m4a"/>
    <file name="StewartCopeland_Ringtone5.m4a"/>
    <file name="StewartCopeland_Ringtone6.m4a"/>
    <file name="Timer_3beeps.m4a"/>
    <file name="Tune_Calypso.m4a"/>
    <file name="Tune_Down2Business.m4a"/>

    These tones, from the 9700, are exactly the same as the combination of the two 9000 files above - minus the Stewart Copeland stuff in the second 9000 file and plus a big demo file: MusicDemo_WorldTraveller.m4a
    Can someone please explain exactly what I am supposed to be doing to do the harder option?
    Slightly confused by all the links - I'm not the best with phones/computers.
    5 stars and thanks to whoever can point me in the right direction!

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    I have not tried it because I have the os5 ringtones on my torch already but I think this might be much easier for less experienced users.

    On your torch browser go to the BB homepage. In whats new section there is a link "OS 5 ringtones for blackberry OS6. Click on the link and it downloads a file which like I said, I havent tried but I assume its the ringtones and I also assume they will install properly.

    Good Luck
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    I wonder what happens if i installed the 9700 cod ones, and then i install the two 9000 cod ones. Will i get all the 9700 plus those missing ones from the 9000?

    And if that does work, i read something about curve and storm ringtones has some that are not available on these 9000 and 9700 ones, say i install those cod's from them too, will i end up having a very complete set of all ringtones from those blackberries?

    9000, 9700, curve and storm -> all in one device, with no duplicate ringtones?
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    Default Having trouble with this on the 9900

    Hey gang, sorry for the ongoing issue here but I just switched from my curve 8900 to the 9900 and *must* have my "notifier_greeter" message alert.

    I downloaded the .jad file that is mentioned at the start of the thread and e-mailed it to myself as some of the other people on the thread had noted they had done with success and I got a error message. Does anyone know if there might be a added complication with BB7?

    Any help would be great!
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    All OS5 ringtones available from RIM Blackberry website.

    Navigate to this link and install:
    Loading ...


    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
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    brcollette (09-10-2011) 
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    [QUOTE=futrftdoc12;5555712]If you're interested I could email you the OEM tones. Kindly email to trevorbuckton@gmail.com
    Much appreciated.

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    Default sonar ring tone for 9360

    i can't find the sonar tone for my bb9360.i have had it as my text tone for the last 3yrs. i miss it so.also i can't get my rbc banking on this phone. anyone know how to do this too
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbzak View Post
    All OS5 ringtones available from RIM Blackberry website.

    Navigate to this link and install:
    Loading ...


    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    The quality of the sound pack is horrendous. I just can't believe that RIM would put out something this poor. It sounds like it was recorded on a tape recorder. RIM really needs to get their act together. Simply unexcusable. How hard is it to transfer the sounds through their native quality. Seriously....
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    i need help in music demo world traveller aeson download link.
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