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    Default When the N-Series will be released

    Not sure if this is common knowledge yet, but when watching this clip of the RIMM CEO on CNBC he intimates that the N-Series will be released "a few weeks after" the L-Series is released. So I think this is proof that the N-Series will not be released at the same time but will also not be released too much later. Wasn't sure if this was common knowledge yet, here is the clip -

    RIM CEO: Service Revenue in Place, Not Going Away

    He talks about it at the 6:30 minute mark
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    Welcome to... Old News? :x
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    its nice to see "a few weeks after" if those were his actual words. That is news since before all we knew was it would be after the l series launch
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    Tune in January 30th.. :-)
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    Default When the N-Series will be released

    Thats better news. last I heard was April 2013. Love my 9800 and a BB10 version would be ideal for me. Social networkers need a physical keyboard. Very hard to give up. Just put mine in a Seidio case with a belt clip-beautiful. Only problem with 9800 was slowish processor-624mhz.

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