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    Default Q10 Caller ID Issue?

    Hi all,

    So I get a call from wifey who's saved as a (604) ###-#### number in my Address Book and the device doesn't recognize that because the call is coming in as a +1 (604) ###-#### number. Suffice it to say, the vast majority of my contacts are local numbers which aren't saved with a +1 prefix.

    I'm supposing this can be remedied by setting a default calling area to a +1 kind-of thing, but I don't see that option anywhere on the Q10. Anyone able to figure this one out?
    Shantih shantih shantih,
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    If you set up your social networks and sync their contacts, you will have to do a bit of work on your contacts.

    There's a problem where the phone wants to act smart and actually merges wrong names / numbers! I had to go through a lot of my contacts (which are over 1700) and fix them up; click on the desired contact and you'll find links below, check that it's linked correctly - link all your wife's accounts to one and it will work.

    The main reason behind that would be saving the contact twice under the same number. Basically, you might sync her facebook contact which she has saved her number into + the original contact on your BB, if both are not linked then you'll end up getting the call with no ID.

    Hope that helps.
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    We seem to be having the same issue on the Q10's around the office. The issue we have has to do with the same phone number appearing in multiple contacts.

    I have all my coworkers contact cards in my address book. Originally each one of them had the office number listed, when i received a call from the office the caller ID showed up as just the number. I deleted the office number from all the contact cards and created a new contact for the office, and now the caller ID now correctly shows the company name.

    This issue does not exist on my Z10, which concerns me because the Q10 runs a newer version of BB10 and I really don't want to have to 'fix' all my contacts when the Z10 gets the update to BB10.1
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    This was a problem with the Z10 when it was released. They then fixed it but broke it when for the 10.1 release. I have installed a leak and still not fixed. Just got the Q10 yesterday and the bug is still there. Very frustrating. Obviously this was not a test case in the regression testing of 10.1. This is a big issue for any international users, particularly international business travellers like myself where I always use the +(country) code. This really needs to be fixed.
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    I have the same problem since updated my "old" Z10 to 10.1. Sent it to service, returned the same. Now i have transferred my contacts to Q10 with the same result. Very difficult to handle it on the daily biz.
    More of it, Z10 is closing suddenly.
    Any ideas please?

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    Please see this thread that I had started on this: Incoming callers not always showing names

    On other phones, it only recognises the last possibly 7 digits. On the Q10 it seems that the Telco has to send the number to the phone exactly the same way it is in your address book. I have not used my Q10 because of this glitch. Waiting for it to be resolved!!
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    - go into the phone app
    - swipe down from the top
    - go into settings
    - go to smart dialing
    - set code for your country
    - check if this worked

    greetings from germany, k_f
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    I was having exactly the same problem, no name showed up in the caller id, except the number only. Then I found some contact is actually showed up, then I found out Q10 can not recognized if one number saved into more than one contact. What I did is clean up all contact and make sure erase or linked duplicate contacts, so every number store in your phone only used by one contact. All solved
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    Well I had the same problem, and as everyone said above, this is happening with you because the Q10 synced with your Facebook, Twitter, and Skype contacts. Select your wife's main contact, and try to link it with other possible iterations for her saved contacts (might be entries with slightly different names, nickname in your local contacts (from previous phone) , full name from facebook, full maiden name from skype, etc.). Link them all and it should work.
    Note: In the contacts app settings, you can choose to only show local contacts and remove facebook, twitter, etc. But for skype, you can only remove the option to sync contacts by logging in the skype application itself and removing sync from the settings there.

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeTom View Post
    Please see this thread that I had started on this: Incoming callers not always showing names

    On other phones, it only recognises the last possibly 7 digits. On the Q10 it seems that the Telco has to send the number to the phone exactly the same way it is in your address book. I have not used my Q10 because of this glitch. Waiting for it to be resolved!!
    You could be waiting a while update to the leaked OS http://sonyhelmi.com/Os/SQN_3_BB10.1.X.4285.7z set smart dialing as country code (+234) Nigeria and 10 for National Number length and it will work for you. I just updated and it works great for me, with a lot of performance improvements and battery I hear as well.

    Update is for the Q10, Z10 in the works by some kind gentlemen in the forums
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    Same issue here, please can send the link of the leaked os again? the other one has been taken down
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    Default Many thanks!

    Helped for me!
    Many thanks.

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