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    Default Intuitive Gestures

    I for one think the 10 OS gestures are very intuitive and easy to grasp. BBRY did a great job in doing a revamp to include them!
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    I agree, but some of the older people I work with have had problems. This could be because we upgraded from 8530's to Q10's which was a huge jump.
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    I agree I really like the way they work.but for some reason my iphone won't get with the program

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    I really like them too. Although, part of me kind of wishes you had the option to make the Hub a tile you could go in and out of . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by carter17 View Post
    I agree I really like the way they work.but for some reason my iphone won't get with the program

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    iOS7 is coming soon, don't worry. ;-)
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    How about this. When I grab my iphone in the car ( that I use as my ipod) I try to use the BB10 gestures. Same goes for my playbook and Microsoft surface, families iPad etc... everything NEEDS to be BB10 .
    There needs to be a monopoly!
    Different is interesting.
    But yeah, just thought I'd share.
    This post was pointless -_-

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    I agree except I've noticed how greedy it can be and how easily swiped it can be.

    You really have to swipe up from the keyboard by basically touching T+Y to about half screen to unlock or turn on the screen, or minimize some apps. BUT I've noticed while in some apps, if I am scrolling down by swiping up, sometimes the phone catches my thumb in the bottom third of the screen and, even though i'm no where near the keyboard, it assumes I want to minimize.

    It should allow you to unlock or turn on the screen in this manner, but when you're going to minimize, there should be a little more scrutiny and less forgiveness.

    They could also implement a learn feature that figures out where my thumb is most likely to touch...and go from there...

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