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    I am very sure the N-Series will be priced similar to the Bold 9900 when it was first launched. Maybe, just maybe a bit less.
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    How much costs now??
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    About a hundred dollars.
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  4. BGK
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    I think it will be somewhere around $700 - $850 w/no contract.
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    Default Re: How much do you think the N series will cost?

    Quote Originally Posted by CarFan View Post
    I'm on VZW. To keep my unlimited data I have to pay full freight for my BB10 handset. I'm selling old devices on ebay to build my warchest. I plan on budgeting $650 for the new Bold. Anything more than that will require serious consideration on my part.
    completely with you. I'm willing to buy it out right; however, I'll pay no more than $650.
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    Most likely 550$ off contract
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyo93 View Post
    Most likely 550$ off contract
    About $700 actually

    But that's Bell, so it may be up to $100 less
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