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    Quote Originally Posted by qbnkelt View Post

    Still far and away the sexiest BB concept yet floated around the interwebs.
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    Love it! Want It!
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    Damn, the TK Justice looks amazing. Shame it's just a concept.
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    hurry the he11 up
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    Looking at the N design it seems as if I need to stick with my Bold for quite some time to come...
    I really adore the trackpad - accurate and efficient and make frequent use of the menu key (double click = new tab in browser).

    When I got a PlayBook I got it because I felt sorry for RIM and saw the option to get a toy - well, I use it very little and type even less on it than on my phone because I cannot type on a touchscreen (OK, the N has a keyboard) but also because navigating in text is near impossible and you end up deleting a row of 4 or 5 letters to change one because getting the cursor into the right spot is impossible...

    Touchscreens are nice to play with - they make a nice add-on when one can use conventional controls only, but being forced to use one...

    Ah well, hopefully it will have a positive impact on RIM's business though, because without them I think I would have to stop using a mobile phone....- even when I don't fully agree with their choices...
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