03-25-17 04:12 PM
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  1. badelhas's Avatar
    " Quote Originally Posted by MaineAssassin View Post
    Just thought I'd throw this out there I got a Priv on the Black Friday deal and have been trying out cases. The Seidio is by far the best I've found. The case has a nice feel to it and isn't slippery like the OEM BB case. It will function with a hard screen protector unlike the OEM case. It also has the most functional belt clip I've found yet and can be bought on Amazon as a package with the clip and the hard case that clips into it for around $40. It's as close as I've found to the Otterbox I have on my old Q10.
    Are you talking about the Seidio Surface case working with a 3D glass protector? "

    Sorry for the HUGE delay and yes it works with the wrap-around hard screen protector (though I personally hate the one I have it's very fingerprint-happy and has poor response in the corners).
    Thanks for your input
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    02-06-17 08:24 AM
  2. Petabytes's Avatar
    Anyone using the Blackberry ACC62170001 Slide-Out Hard Shell with the 3D Curved Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film together?
    02-15-17 10:32 AM
  3. Nels's Avatar
    I have the leather pocket from BlackBerry and I really like it. Easy in and out, but not too easy. And the leather seam provides some protection against falls. I always keep my phone in my pants pocket.
    02-21-17 02:51 PM
  4. Rico4you's Avatar
    StillGut leather case high quality and great protection!
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    02-21-17 04:48 PM
  5. bs03's Avatar
    I had a StilGut UltraSlim Vertical Flip Case for about 8 months when the clip that holds it closed wore out.
    I didn't like a 2 part case/clip I tried.
    I then got the kwmobile Flip style case because of its magnetic closure. The magnet holds it closed but will grab anything metal that it gets near. There is no cutout for the USB and it doesn't activate the sleep mode but it has protected my phone well.
    All 3 cases worked with my Qi chargers.

    I was thinking about getting a new Stilgut case, since I liked it best. I am wondering about trying a horizontal flip (book like) this time. Does anyone know how the horizontal compares to the vertical flip cases?
    02-26-17 12:36 PM
  6. Petabytes's Avatar
    Just received the original BB slide out hard case. It could be used with my current 3D curved tempered glass screen protector together. No issue of all the buttons at the side. Very nice looking and really perfect match.
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    03-23-17 10:04 AM
  7. bluetroll's Avatar
    Just received the original BB slide out hard case. It could be used with my current 3D curved tempered glass screen protector together. No issue of all the buttons at the side. Very nice looking and really perfect match.
    Is there a tempered glass screen protector available that works with the slightly curved screen???

    I recently went away from the BlackBerry flip cover which I used since I owned the PRIV, which was December 2015.

    I'm using the Incipio Octane clear case and I'm really enjoying it.

    Following CrackBerry Kevin's advice about the Spigen ring, I took a chance and tried it. I'm really finding that the ring is very good for the PRIV, especially because the PRIV is quite heavy typing with the pkb and vkb was hard on my pinky fingers (they were holding the weight of the phone).

    The Spigen ring just makes holding this big device way easier! It's one of the reasons why I really enjoy using my iPhone se, because it's amazing for 1 handed use. With the ring, I'm able to type one handed with ease. No worrying about the PRIV flying out of my hands.

    Thanks CrackBerry Kevin for the Spigen ring recommendation!

    Now I just need a tempered glass screen protector that works with the curved screen!
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    03-25-17 08:48 AM
  8. Rico4you's Avatar
    Using the Sikai tempered glass on my PRIV and works fine and protects! Yes you don't get the exact touch sensitivity as naked but no big deal.
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    03-25-17 09:44 AM
  9. Petabytes's Avatar
    You can find a lot no name or brand name curved tempered glass screen protector on the market like eBay, Aliexpress or Amazon. Also a forum topic regarding it
    UPDATE: Got the Sikai Full Body Tempered Glass Screen Protector Today

    Recommend to just try a cheap price one to see whether you really like it. More or less the quality of no name and brand name seems is the same.
    03-25-17 04:12 PM
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