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    Default Playbook not connecting to my Wi-Fi

    Hi all I'm a newbie on here and I'm at my wits end with my Blackberry..it's a 32GB it flatly refuses to connect to my Wi-Fi in my house..

    at first this tablet would connect no probs then it kept dumping the wi-fi..so I asked a couple of friends one advised security wipe .this i did (or should I say 'er indoors did) and lo and behold it started reconnecting..so far so good..a few days ago the tablet did the same after numpty (er indoors) switched off the wi-fi at the router box then switched it on again..the tablet still refused to connect..she did the security wipe again but now all I get is a "BLUE SCREEN" saying..Connect to Wi-Fi and nothing else..it just will not connect please help me Obi Wan..your my only hope..I was directed to this site by a friend..I need to get this thing connected as er indoors has given up with it..her I-phone connects to the wi-fi so we know that side is OK..er indoors being the font of ALL KNOWLEDGE (YEA RIGHT) Computer wise...

    YOUR HELP IS REQUIRED...cheersa...ray
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    What type of security is your router using? How old is the router? Dual band? What channel?

    And I may be confused but what is "er indoors?"
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    me down baby!


    how far from the router are you?

    +1 what security?

    i would suggest turning wifi security off if u can and try connecting. make sure you delete the previous settings for wifi and do a fresh reconnect
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    Quote Originally Posted by F2 View Post
    And I may be confused but what is "er indoors?"
    "'er indoors" is English colloquial for wife / better half / Mrs / SWMBO - originating from a Brit comedy / drama series called Minder (just as SWMBO originated from a Brit drama Rumpole of the Bailey).
    Last edited by Wongsky; 01-22-13 at 02:41 PM.
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    Setting a static IP address on my Playbook fixed the wifi issues that I was having so you may want to try that.
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    Take it somewhere with free wifi, get it setup then trouble shoot your issue at home.
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    From setting, delete your Wife, I mean your Wifi... turn-off your PB... then, turn it on again... then from setting again, try to reconnect your Wifi...

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