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    Default Learning to code for BB PB v2.1 and/or BB10

    Every time I see a post about Jam Americas and other developer-focused posts on the front page, I get the developer itch.

    I was wondering if there is a site with very simple, thorough development examples that could help me ease into developing for either (both?) the 2.1 OS and BB10 OS.
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    I am not a developer but have done a bit of reading around.. And The BB Developer site is a good place to start I would think..

    Choose whatever platform you want.. And it has all the downloads listed there.. And then move on to the code samples.. And RIM has a GitHub repo with ported open source projects and code samples for Cascades and the platforms..
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    The best developer language to start with is HTML/HTML5 . It is for mobile developement pretty simple to understand, and you can test your app using the webbrowser (on your playbook/pc)

    For simple apps, like a NewsReader / Article-based app its good to use. For more sophisticated apps you'd better use the NDK

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreyGhostRos View Post
    I am not a developer but have done a bit of reading around.. And The BB Developer site is a good place to start I would think..
    I have been using the BlackBerry Developer documentation website to learn the basics of BlackBerry PlayBook application development. I cannot say the content or organization of website is very good; I have read better product manuals from China. I dare say it was slapped together by yet another co-op student or intern. Research In Motion should hire a professional writer with programming experience. I have been keeping my own step-by-step notes for future reference.
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    Easiest way is to gran some samples and start hacking at them. That's what I've been doing. The webinars are also good, although I haven't had time to listen to them...

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