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BlackBerry Venice slider device demo video leaks out


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BlackBerry Venice slider captured on camera once again

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Blurry cam strikes again

BlackBerry Venice slider captured in blurry cam photo

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  1. dbsafety's Avatar
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    Default Re: Is anyone else refraining from updating to

    I updated immediately and don' t see any differece what so ever. What was the update suppose to do?
  2. #27  

    Default Re: Is anyone else refraining from updating to

    Guys, really... Update... If you find any issues, backup-wipe-reload. Done. I had issues with adding accounts and that was all it took to have a fully working PlayBook (and my browser is just a tad faster with every update).

    I don't see why the fuzz...

    Edit:​ Guess I should mention that by backup I mean Apps and Media. Buvs usually creep on settings, so it is better to add accounts, set languages, etc manually.
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  3. Michel Souris's Avatar
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    Nothing works as well as did. I'm on the latest update now and regret it. Lost function for a few Android apps (settings was one), and there's more lag now.
    Oh, well.
  4. Just Me's Avatar
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    Default Re: Is anyone else refraining from updating to

    I miss .358 as well.
    Boring signature.
  5. lou2969's Avatar
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    mine works fine with .1088
  6. indyaachen's Avatar
    CrackBerry User

    72 Posts


    After going through the messages ... I am taking the leap. If all works well, I will update my second PB as well.
    BTW, it is not just BB, that messes up things. I updated my macbook to a new update a few weeks back, and the battery life was significantly reduced. But at least there is a way to get back to the earlier settings. With Playbook, this seems nearly impossible.
  7. Ben1232's Avatar
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    Just returned home to find a 1Mb update for. 1088 so far I've seen it has added BBC Iplayer and BBC News apps
  8. seageath's Avatar
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    Is there any new update for PB? Since I couldn't turn on my PB since last Sunday, and couldn't charge and only can turn on by updating the OS (still updating) ...
  9. bounce007's Avatar
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    I'm still on .358 I have bad bad experiences with updates. So I'll keep it on .358. I really don't "need" anything else for my PlayBook. It does all I want it to do

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  10. indyaachen's Avatar
    CrackBerry User

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    I can empathize with those who are holding up with older versions. I know it could be painful.
    However, in my case, things are looking still quite good with the latest update. I have now updated my two PBs. Fingers crossed
  11. spdill12's Avatar
    CrackBerry Newbie

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    I refrained from the update as well and when I did a hard reset (pwr+up/down volume buttons) my PB did a wipe. It did the upgrade and had to reload my apps. I then noticed I had a lot of useless apps and was able to load what was necessary. My PB runs greattttt!!!!! And to even think that I was planning on making the switch to Nexus 7 - really glad I didn't. Flow, gestures, smooth running PB OS and now patiently waiting for BB10 .... Life is Good!!
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