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    Default Android back swipe

    How cool would it be if they added that to the browser?

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    There are many times I have swiped across the bottom bar when in the browser and wondered why it hasn't gone back a page. Then I remember it doesn't have that gesture.

    So yes, I would like that feature to be added there.
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    Agree with you both. I constantly find myself back-swiping in native apps followed by a quick 'Doh!' and then wishing I could do it in any app. This would be a great feature in the OS in general!
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    Default Re: Android back swipe

    If I had remembered to do it, I would have beaten you to this post a month ago. Glad someone said it. Agreed. The angled swipe that replaces android back button has proven useful and could have cleared up space in apps with a big ugly back button. Browser could have used it too. Maybe a forward swipe? This honestly should have been a native gesture. Funny they didn't think of it until they decided to port android apps and needed a solution. Anybody know if it exists in BB10?
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    I've mentioned this in a couple of threads, it's really a no-brainer gesture! I tried Dolphin Browser simply because it has customizable gestures, and I thought it would be the next best thing.... it wasn't worth it though.

    I'm so used to using mouse gestures on Firefox, that I really have a hard time wrapping my mind around having to hit a 'back' button when surfing around on any device! lol

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