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    Default Is there any memory cleaner or optimizer for PB?

    I have been looking for days.
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    From an earlier post here: Thoughts from a new user

    I've found I gain around 100MB free RAM (from 540-550 to 630-660 free) by stoping the Android player when not in use, very cool for browsing without clearing the cache every 2 minutes!

    Only drawback: it takes around 30s to re-start when you launch an Android ported app...
    3 ways to kill the player :
    • Open many huge apps in a row, until PlayBook OS closes Android player to make room...
    • Or sideload last free version of Android Reset (Overload) from: http://www.filearchivehaven.com/down...t_1.0.0.13.bar
    • Or buy Memory Eater or the last version of Overload from official AppWorld

    For sideloading "your essential" apps:

    I use DDPB, and it works very well for me
    (see DDPB installer utility for BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.0.9 | CrackBerry.com ,
    and a good tutorial here: UPDATED: [PlayBook] Side Load PlayBook Apps/Android Apps (Windows) BerryReview Forums)

    For Android apps that are not in the official AppWorld, the key words are "converted" ".apk" ".bar" "sideload"

    A good legit source is : Blackberry Playbook Android Apps | Good e-Reader Android APP Store - Playbook App Market

    I personnaly couldn't really enjoy my PlayBook to the fullest without:
    • - Repligo Reader for a real decent PDF reader
    • - Moon + Reader for other e-books
    • - ComicRack for comics
    • - Handrite and FreeNote for magical quick drawn Post-It notes
    • - WinAmp for radio
    • - Android Task Killer to gain a bit of RAM when I want to keep Android player open, but quiet! (Some say it's stupid to use that, I gain RAM, YMMV)
    • - Google Maps (Latitude) for... Maps & Navigation (sometimes a bit buggy, but sooooo nice )
    • - Some games (question of taste)

    Have a look in the sub-forum for Apps also, just here on CrackBerry.
    Hope it might help some!
    For the record, I'm just compiling info learned for 99% here on the CrackBerry forums: many thanks to all who contribute(d) in this excellent (and sanity-saving when things go wrong with your beloved!) community!
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    CdaS (12-23-12),  deemgee (12-23-12) 
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    Forget it


    Quote Originally Posted by jordanchp View Post
    I have been looking for days.
    Do you mean besides the native cleaner?
    If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.
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    Browser, setting, security, scroll down
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    Quote Originally Posted by rotorwrench View Post
    Do you mean besides the native cleaner?
    Which native cleaner are you referring to? Sincere question here as I was thinking about this for my new ish PB To keep it as fast as possible
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    Quote Originally Posted by taz323 View Post
    Browser, setting, security, scroll down
    I think the OP is looking for an "Advanced Task Killer" type app for the PB. This app works great on an Android tablet, and it
    sure would be nice to have a similar one for the PB.
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    Memory eater works well:
    close all apps except one android and open memory eater then select 'kill'. This kills android player and frees up memory.
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    Advanced App Manager (free) ,from Handster Inc, available via App world does it for me.

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