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    Default Reinstalled OS on my early adopter PlayBook. Recommended!

    I bought a new PlayBook for my brother for his birthday, and after playing around with it for a while it became clear that something wasn't right with my original PB. I bought it right after it was launched, and it seems incremental updates vs a clean install doesn't add up to the same performance at all.

    So I did a security wipe and reinstalled the OS, damn... Now it's really blazing again! The browser isn't lagging like it did, and all is swell

    So.. I recommend reinstalling your software after doing a security wipe. it's like getting a new PB.

    (back up your data and everything before you do.)
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    Yup, I did the same thing. My Playbook is pretty snappy again.
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    Forget it


    I bought my second PB almost a year after the first one and haven't noticed a difference between the two in performance. That being said, I keep a clean cache and history, don't sideload, haven't had any botched or questionable updates, delete through DM any questionable apps and haven't performed any wipes. That may or may not make a difference but I see a lot of issues associated with sideloading, interrupted/failed updates and wiping. The only advantage I see for an OS reload would be if you have corrupt files, problem apps or issues from botched updates. Same as a PC with the same issues, including registry errors, of which there are programs to remedy that without an OS reload. To my understanding, a security wipe only removes personal data, nothing more. My opinion.
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    excepting applications


    I used cfp to wipe and write in the OS and my PlayBook has been nothing but awesome since. A clean install makes all the difference.
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    Default Reinstalled OS on my early adopter PlayBook. Recommended!

    whats cfp ?

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    Yeah, clean installs of the OS make it run a lot better. Hope RIM solves this issue for BB10, cause we shouldn't need to reinstall the OS every now and then to maintain performance on the device.
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    I'm thinking its about time I do this with my 7 minute reboot time, I can do a wipe but my understanding is that it isn't as complete as a reload, How would I go about a reload of
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