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    Default Print to Go - "I love that!"

    The wife has been a bit of a PB skeptic (though she's used it a lot more since P vs.Z came out )

    She's flying down to Calgary for a couple of days and wanted to print her car rental confirmation off Hotwire.com. "Watch this!" I said with an evil grin as I installed the Print To Go driver for her.

    I walked her through the configuration ("Will I have to do this every time?" "No"), and when the confirmation appeared on her Playbook she was impressed. Then she repeated it all on her own for her flight itinerary, and said, "I love this!"
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    Nice. It is a great feature. I was trying to show my old lady how useful it could be but she was too busy Angry Birding it.
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    I haven't really used this feature very much yet but I can see how it might be useful.
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    I love it too!!! I DL the User Guide to my PC and then hit the Print To Go and now I have it on my PB.......

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    I print stuff to PDF & drag & drop the pdf or a folder of them via WiFi file sharing. Does Print to Go work better?
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    Print2go does that in one step

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