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    well, there i was expecting a bb10 playbook announcement on Jan30 and nothing , not even a date so we could at least have another countdown timer.
    im really torn now on wether to keep the PB or ditch it. i do like it but i think the samsung and ipad are just more fluid ....if the PB was just as fluid , then it would be fantastic which i what i was hoping the update would address.
  2. BoloMKXXVIII's Avatar
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    Exactly 2 quarters after RIM Blackberry's formally announced release date (when they annouce it). Just going by their track record.
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    I took a scientific approach and threw three darts at a dartboard and came up with Jun 31, 2013.

    Seriously, I wonder if a re-designed playbook is in the offing as it seems like the Playbook is not being replenished on store shelves. I checked BestBuy/Futureshop, Visions, Staples, etc for it and could only find a couple in two The Source stores in my area. BestBuy and Staples don't even list the product anymore. A re-launch would not surprise me, especially as Thor keeps referring to BB10 as a "mobile computing platform". I saw an interview where Thor said BB was going to look at a product for the developing markets next and then focus on expanding their presence mobile computing. To me that means a lower-cost unit will come out for the developing markets (lower cost as they are more price sensitive), and then a revised Playbook will be issued. To stir the pot a bit more, I'd like to throw in the thought of the famed, but elusive "Aristo" device that is supposed to be super high-end - potential fall launch?? With all that on their plate (presuming that is a reasonable framework of what they're doing) when might they have time to tweak the Playbook OS for BB10?
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    Dec 31'st 2013 11:59.59pm. pacific time.
  5. crackberryjill's Avatar
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    My guess is not long after the phones come out in the US. I don't see them letting the playbook user have it before a large market doesn't even have the phone yet. But probably not long after. Hey, love my playbook as it is, so when I get BB10, I get BB10.
  6. atlya02's Avatar
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    2/1/2013 - 11:25 am: "Rim will release the OS 10 update to the Playbook Feb.29th @ 9am 10:01 am."

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    Probably April 1st. Not sure what year, hopefully this one.
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    I would imagine current Playbooks will get the upgrade when the phones have created their buzz and interest. Otherwise we will most likely have to wait a bit. I would think they are also working on a new Playbook to showcase BB10 onto. Newer updated specs and such. Reasons for non bb users to buy a Playbook. Not much sales by just releasing to us existing users.

    lol let the phone marketing do its thing first. one step at a time. focus.

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    My previous post was incorrect and I apologize, after consulting the scientific minds at scientology it already has been released.
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