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    Default New out of the box..1st things to do?

    Newbie question alert..OK,assuming I've just opened my shiny new PB...ooh the anticipation...(apart from charge it)! what is the recommended proceedure for setting it up please...any suggestions..?
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    When you first turn it on, it will walk you through the setup process. The only really annoying thing, you have to watch and do the 2 tutorials. Although they are good, just annoying if you already have used a PB and know about the bezel gestures.
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    Back it up using the desktop manager and enjoy.If you do not have the dtm download it from bb
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    me to a wall...


    Backing up an out of the box PB? What for? Back it up AFTER you load your apps and set the device to your liking.
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    1) Plug it in to an A/C outlet

    2) Make sure you have a good Wifi connection

    3) Turn it on and follow the online instructions
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    As EdS817 said, you NEED a wifi connection to complete the initialization and you want it connected to ac depending on its initial charge (which you cannot ascertain until it is setup!!!!).
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    Start researching cases. I read about everything written on the Internet about what was available before making my choice. I am partial to the genuine BB accessories, they are just so much more refined looking and fit perfectly. The Journal Case is just classy.

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