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    Default How to lock individual apps on playbook?

    Anyone know how I can lock individual apps (messages, contacts, files, pics, videos, browser..etc.) when letting someone else use playbook. So far every time I've given my playbook to my younger brother to play a game I've had to remove all accounts thinking he might accidentally delete emails and such. Any help?
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    Default Re: How to lock individual apps on playbook?

    I can't help here but it's a question that I would also love to know the answer. I would pay £££ for such an app.
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    Default Re: How to lock individual apps on playbook?

    I know there is one file browser that specializes in hiding files or folders (not apps I think). I don't remember its name --apparently the purpose was to hide porn images, which didn't raise my interest. Maybe with this one could hide an app, but I'm not sure, because of RIM severity on file accesses...
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    Default Re: How to lock individual apps on playbook?

    Haven't seen anything, but that would be a great feature to have.
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    Default Re: How to lock individual apps on playbook?

    I would say, having studied fairly extensively the parts of the system involved, that it's not possible with the current versions of the OS. No app can touch (read, let alone modify) another app's files, either its data or its code or metadata, and there are no system APIs exposed to developers that would permit it either. RIM is considering "kid mode" types of features, but it's not something they've implemented yet.
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    That app is called file shield.
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    My File Manager allows the user to hide individual files.
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    Any one knows if there is any sideloaded android app that allows you to password protect your sideloaded android apps? I know its not possible with the native apps but maybe with the android ones.......
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    I'd love to be able to have screename logins...my PB is popular and I do have business files on it.
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    I found an android app called app lock that actually locks your android apps in the playbook, it also runs in the background but this is pretty inconsistent and sometimes the lock screen doesnt show when opening the apps you locked, I guess you could also leave the app open.

    Anyway here is the link to the bar file:

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