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    Default how do i know if the playbook is Charging

    i borrowed a playbook when i press the power nub it blinks red then green about 3 time and does not turn on, does it need to charge i plug in my blackberry charger but not seeing any sign of it charging
    so how to get it to charge and turn on
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    Make sure that you are using the right charger !! The BB phone charger is not recommended for the PB. Use the USB via computer to charge or the original PB plug. You will see a lightning bolton the battery once the unit is charging.
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    A standard BB charger doesn't provide enough juice to charge a tablet. You need one with higher amperage.
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    I put the screen to battery Guru and it will tell you the voltage that is going to the battery.
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    but when i plug it into my computer battery it still does not charge, is this because it a blackberry charger also
    How would i know which charger would work then
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    even when connecting to a pc the charging will be very slow and I think some posters said it's not charging at all. The bottom line is just use the charger the PB came with or a rabid charger.
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    Default Re: how do i know if the playbook is Charging

    First, try plugging it in to a wall outlet (not a computer) and let it charge overnight. After that, try holding the power button in for 5 seconds and see if it tries to power up.

    If it all won't power up, try stack charging. Plug it in for two minutes, unplug for ten seconds, plug back in, repeat, repeat, repeat... Try stack charging about 20 times and see if the red charging light will finally stay on. If it does, let it continue to charge on its own for a few hours before trying to turn in on again.

    Another thing to try is holding the volume + and volume - buttons, then press the power button.
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    As an experiment, I just plugged my 32gig into a motorola charger. Battery Guru is showing "usb wall" and a charge of approx .44Watts. I don't see much of an upward blip if any. I'll leave it alone for a while and see what happens. I would imagine if I left the screen go off, it might go up but the screen may be using more power than it is getting from the charger at the moment.

    Edited to add: Leaving the unit to enter standby, the charge from this wall wart was 2.xx when I quickly brought it out of standby but dove back to only .37Watts. The unit went from 65% to 70% battery.
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