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    Default How 2 Transfer movies from 1 PB to another with success

    Hi all, I had bought a number of movies from BB video store native to PB, most of where for my
    kids... Santa was nice enough to given them PB's for Xmas and my job was to transfer the movie from
    my PB to theirs I did this via the lap top but when I go to play them on the kids PB I get an error "...licence required..."
    How to I get the licence information on the new PB's to play the movies?

    Cheers in advance
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    Do the PlayBooks have the same BlackBerry ID logged in?
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    Nope... Didn't realize it would be a concern for the movies
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    excepting applications


    Your bbid shouldn't have anything to do with it since the video store is separate from appworld. You can try signing into the video store on Playbook number 2 with PlayBook number 1's credentials.
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    If I am not mistaken the movies are DRM'ed to the device PIN or BlackBerry ID - I do not recall the specifics since after browsing the movie and television series selection I opted to avoid BlackBerry Movie Store. Unless you buy the movie or episode there is a time-delayed self-destruct mechanism to worry about.
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    Default Re: How 2 Transfer movies from 1 PB to another with success

    movies won't transfer to a second playbook
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