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    Default Does Playbook headset plug has mike support too?

    I'd like to be able to use my Playbook with a VOIP application.
    Has someone here tried a wired hands free kit with it yet? I'd like to know if the plug has the "fourth band" connection inside needed to carry the mike signal.
    I already tried bluetooth, but it seems RIM decided that supporting bluetooth audio profiles wasn't needed on their tablet.

    Holding my tablet like a giant phone is just too awkward for me...
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    The headphone jack DOES support a microphone input. At least, I think that my tests showed that. There should be a thread on it somewhere.

    I don't recall if I tried BT headset with input. I know that I can LISTEN to the pb using my Icon jawbone and with my Motorola S9's.
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    I would be interested to know if anyone has used a Bluetooth or a wired headset with a phone app like Comwave. To use Comwave effectively, it needs a headset and it would be best if it had a built in mike. Too much feedback using the PB alone.
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    Wired earphones/mic like the ones that come with most phones work, with voice notes anyway. The PB turns off the built in mics when plugged in.

    I tried my bluetooth and I couldn't get the voice notes to use the bluetooth mic. The services listed for my device(mw600) are A2DP and audio/video remote control.
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    Good thing for the MIC plug. I'll ask one to Santa ;-)

    For the Bluetooth, I tried an old Plantronic 220. It paired successfully, but no compatible profile was found to exchange audio. Most likely newer devices got more options it seems.

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