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    Wink how do i throughly delete my call logs and history

    how do i delete all my call logs and history cause my girlfriend keeps on finding people i called on my phone after i thought i deleted it off my log
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    is available upon request.


    1. Hiding stuff from her WILL kill your relationship with her, sooner or later. Grow up! End of relationship advice
    2. On my pearl 8130 this is what I have done: press call button once to bring up your call history. Press menu aka blackberry button. Go to call logging, set to none. Save and go back to your call history. Hold shift and then scroll down. This selects everything and you can delete it.
    3. I am not a pro nor do I own a flip. Maybe someone else has a better/faster way

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    I wanted to do this just cause I don't like lengthy logs. I tried holding down the shift key (like to capitalize a letter?) and then started to scroll down. All this seems to do is switch my phone's profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryangarrette72 View Post
    how do i delete all my call logs and history cause my girlfriend keeps on finding people i called on my phone after i thought i deleted it off my log
    First - If my girlfriend was searching through my phone, I'd delete her!

    second - if you set call logging in messages to none, it will not log the calls, however, if you go in after and set it to all calls, it will list all the calls that you made while you had it set to none.

    What you can do is set it to log all calls, then after youve made the call. Open messages - scroll up to the top - highlight the date - click menu - and click delete prior. ****beware this will delete EVERYTHING in the messages folder****

    hope this helps. Hope you dont get caught calling who ever you are not supposed to be calling.
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    Hold shift and scroll works for me. Nice tip!
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    man... my gf does the same thing. I don't blame her though. There's so many reasons why this can be an acceptable thing but it's all circumstantial. In anycase, how many people do u call on a given day? I actually did this - don't use the phone book unless its for people on my gf's white list... haha.

    In my speed dial, I store 10 speed dials, manually entered, of people I call the most often. That way, the logs only show numbers, not names.

    So... socially awkward, but it works... hahaha

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