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    Default WhatsApp Contacts Sync?

    I just got WhatsApp, and had 50 contacts that already had it, some of my mums friends have it too. So she asked me to get it for her, so I downloaded the App and confirmed her number, I sent myself a message to test it, and it didn't come up with her name, it just came up with her number with +44 in it, even though all my contacts are saved as '07etc.' If I 'Add' her, it just adds the number again in the +44 format.. Why does it do that? Surely it should realise that I already have her number, like it did with my 50 other contacts during the initial setup?
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    It happened to me too. I got a message from a number. When I checked it, I realized it was already among my contacts. A bug maybe?
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    Have you tried forcing a sync - go to your favorites in WhatsApp and you can force a sync from the icon in the top left.

    WhatsApp will sync every so often to check with the servers to see which of your contacts are registered as WhatsApp users.
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    Ah thanks! That's the fix

    Didn't know that Sync button existed, I assumed WhatsApp should be able to work that out itself!
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    Default plz help

    where is the sync button. i"ve had my z10 for a month now n i still dont have anyone in my contact list.
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    I dont have that sync button either! The icon on the top left is a whatsapp logo for "about". Damn Whatsapp sucks *** on bb10!

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