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    Default Share all of the software purchase on app world

    Here is the right software pay on new appword can download and install for this software blackberry.Cac not need new drugs use duoc.Tat both are FULL VERSION, installation is using permanent vien.Vi pretty much, so I do not have time to introduce one app at a time, you self-soaked paper, if you need any guy download that guy. The majority of app are compatible OS5 more, some use for OS4.5 + (physicians clicking "Skip this add" on the upper right corner of your PC to download the Dropbox link.) All this app if buy more than 31 appw $ 100 to spend on that the doctors okay (can up appw to see the apps). The doctor may ask uncle google search function each app to decide should download any guy you need:
    1-AfbbWorldClock: World Clock
    2-AntiMosquitoPro: repel mosquitoes
    3-AntiMosquitoPlus: repel mosquitoes
    3-App Task Manager Pro 1.1.2:
    4-BatteryBooster pro 3.0.12:
    5-BatterySaverPro 1.8:
    6-TalkLock os7.1: Lock screen when making calls
    7-BurstCameraPro1.5: Continuous shooting 20 frames / s no sound)
    8-CallTools3.0.4: A very good app ToysoftCA
    9 - Mute Camera OS7: Photography silence
    10-CaptureNux 5.20: Capture BB screen is more functional text on images
    11-ContactExt: Support contact
    12-ContactLEDIndicator_v1.0.5: LED for each contact
    13-Contacts To Excel 2.0 Professional: Backup & restore contacts from Excel file
    14-GoodVideoBrowser_1.5: Browse video very good on BB
    15-iLocker_Pro_v1.1.1: Block apps on BB
    16-InstantReboot OS4.5: Reset BB from menu
    17-iTranslatorPRO1.5.3: online dictionary error connecting to server
    18-Keylocker: Block most compact keyboard (50KB), does not take batteries
    18-Message Scheduler and Forwarder: scheduled send, forward sms, email
    19-mp3 ringtonecreator 3.5.7: taoj ringtones for BB
    20-mWeather 1.1: PM time very pro, prettier than beweather structures
    21-NetRefresh: Refresh wave to BB
    22-Offline Browser 1.2: offline browsing on the web page but do not have time to read right on your browser
    23-PatternLock2.1.0_Touch (OS5-6-7): Block the lightest model, the most cost-pin (with lock function apps for BB OS5 touch-6-7)
    24-Quick Player For YouTube 1.1: Watch youtube smoothest
    25-Rock File Manager 1.0: (OS5-6-7: full version with more search functions and multi select-read instructions in rar file trwowcs when installed)
    26-Silent Camera Pro v.3.4: Add a silent photographic apps
    27-SmartWiFi_v2.0.10: Auto on / off wifi / no connection
    28-Tapatalk Login latest forum
    29-wheres My Phone Pro v3.5.2: Search BB pro
    30-pro who_is_it 2.6:
    31-InstantReboot 1.2 os567: reset BB from menu for OS5-6-7
    Will share if you find the app good.
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    LOL, this is from a Vienamese website. The op didn't even spend the time to translate it properly

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