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    Default memory leaks on 9700 using SocialScope?

    Anyone having app memory leaks with SS installed on their bold2? Is it an app worth keeping. If so, is it advisable to delete the oem facebook app and twitterberry (open beak) since SS is all in one and. So can prob free up some memory?

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    I'd keep SocialScope just because of the fact that some people are waiting 6+ months to get an invite to install this program. I still keep my facebook app but I deleted ubertwitter. As far as memory leaks go...I have no idea.
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    I think the new beta of ubertwitter is better then social scope but thats just me social scope is just kind of meh
    Guys/Gals when I post things I am posting to the best of my knowledge if I am for certain incorrect please correct me more knowledge to me helps. Thanks!
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    I have been using SS for about 6 months and have had no memory leaks on 9000.
    Deleted FB application since it never worked and use V-POST for posting pictures to FB since SS does not allow this yet.

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