03-22-17 11:17 PM
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  1. murphy_thom's Avatar
    Well I think BlackBerry has to be aware of the fact that they are now playing in the Android world. To do that it just simply mean that they need to compete based on similar specs and price. Having a physical keyboard is great but think of it

    1. How many people will pay a premium price for a physical keyboard. If they do

    2. How much premium are they willing to pay for the physical keyboard?

    The same goes to the security. Frankly, can BlackBerry seriously prove beyond doubt that a BlackBerry phone running on Android is more secure than a Google Pixel? If so does that premium price justify it?
    It's a niche product priced in the middle. It's not Premium and it's not priced as a premium phone.

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    03-22-17 09:14 AM
  2. murphy_thom's Avatar
    Also the problem is that 2016 flagship phones are much more affordable. Recently, Samsung S7 edge was only $450 with 128gb micro sd card directly from Samsung. Keyone must compete with last year flagship and 2017 midrange devices!
    KEYone is not a flagship device - if it was it would be a slab with the highest specs and priced close to 1k. It is a niche product for those that like PKB, re-energize the brand and let people know they are still in business albeit as BlackBerry Mobile.

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    03-22-17 09:35 AM
  3. murphy_thom's Avatar
    I didn't read through all the responses so I am sure this was already mentioned but the reason some think the price is too high is because obviously you can buy really nice Android phones for cheaper than $549 USD. You must really want a physical keyboard if you want a Keyone (and I do!). Otherwise you can get a OnePlus or Axon 7 or a Moto Z for a lot less money.
    More than just the Keyboard. Increased productivity, very good camera (pixel) , excellent battery life, keyboard shortcuts cuts, HUB+, DTEK, etc.

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    03-22-17 10:01 AM
  4. 75911's Avatar
    In fairness, it may cost more per unit to develop and manufacture a KEYone compared to a better spec'd high volume smartphone. It is not all gravy.

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    No, apparently you just buy a $15 keyboard from Walmart, and snap your fingers, $250 K1.
    03-22-17 10:43 PM
  5. Bbnivende's Avatar
    In the world of smart phones the KEYone is a reasonably priced boutique device.

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    03-22-17 11:17 PM
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