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    Don't get burned by Factory Reset Protection, read this before installing!!!

    Using Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on the BlackBerry device powered by Android

    BB Knowledge Base article: How to reload the BlackBerry powered by Android OS on the smartphone

    BlackBerry Mobile have released autoloaders for the KEYone; factory images, plus a fastboot executable and the necessary .bat/.sh files to load the images. If your device gets bricked, or if your update schedule is thrown off, or whatever.

    Instructions are in the Knowledge Base article above, if you need them. Be warned, it will wipe your stuff.

    Available autoloaders on BlackBerry Mobile's site:

    AAK399 (March 2017 update)
    AAK879 (April 2017 update)
    AAL093 (April 2017 update)

    BB Mobile's list

    Mirrors and old autoloaders: http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...rchive-943672/ (the KEYone folder)
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    If BlackBerry Mobile is in charge of software updates then the PRIV is dead for sure.
    05-13-17 01:14 PM
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    Some preliminary notes:
    • These are NOT hosted on the same autoloader site as the older devices, rather an Alcatel site
    • The BlackBerry Mobile support website is inaccessible if you are not connecting from a country where the KEYone is released; I had to use Google's web cache to grab the URLs
    • Unlike the old site, you can browse the site directory
    • At the time of writing, AAK399 is listed for the BBB100-1, AAK879 is listed for the BBB100-2 and AAL093 is not visible on the site
    • BlackBerry Mobile better keep the same URL scheme as the old site, the 3 loaders up now all have different naming rules
    • What purpose would putting the autoloader checksum files in the autoloader serve?
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    If BlackBerry Mobile is in charge of software updates then the PRIV is dead for sure.
    BlackBerry Mobile will be responsible for THEIR hardware, which at this point is only the KEYone.

    PRIV and DTEKS are legacy devices sold by someone else..... namely BlackBerry. But they are out of the hardware business, or very soon will be. I expect all there of the new licensee will be responsible for their own software updates.

    Wonder if the Aurora has gotten the May update.. and where that came from?
    05-15-17 09:23 AM
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    If TLC will be in charge of updates (although I doubt it) than the K1 will have it's updates delivered when? and I'm not talking about security updates but more serious fixes or OS upgrades. The reason why BB got involved with android directly @ google was to make sure the OS is secure and updates come in regularly. Leaving the security updates to a company like TLC will make future BB android phones "secure" and at the moment this is all the hype about BB phones, how secure they are compared to other android devices.
    Either way, doesn't matter who does the update since the BBB100-1 already got an update while BBB100-2 didn't, I though having only 2 version will push updates all at once (unlike the Priv's 4 versions which take forever to push, on unlocked devices, the carrier locked ones are just sad ).
    This is the reason why I wanted to buy the 100-1 from the US even though I'm from EU but I think I will stick with the EU version since I have a warranty here.
    05-16-17 04:56 AM

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