04-02-17 02:07 PM
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  1. SimbaZ30's Avatar
    Not sure how u did it, but for me it was very streightforward and easy. 5 email accounts of which two company exchange emails.
    03-21-17 12:04 PM
  2. tonythecanuck's Avatar
    Just got myself new DTEK60 and i have only one thing to say... After all the mobiles i ever had, after many BB devices... This one is by far the best. I know its only few days but its excellent build quality, beautiful looks, sleek, fast, flawless... My previous Priv can not compare to it in single category. I've read many comments that people wrote, heard of many issues, but so far i haven't notice single one. Soooo happy...
    Congratulations! I love the DTEK60 too!
    03-23-17 06:33 PM
  3. stardomains's Avatar
    I got my DTEK60 a few days ago and I'm very happy with it.

    I am a gadgetaphile so I already have a Note 5 and a Galaxy S7. But I always liked BlackBerrys and I really like the BlackBerry Android software apps which I use on my S7. So I thought what the heck. My Note 5 doesn't hold an LTE signal at my residence and I wanted something that did. I read that the DTEK60 had good reception and thankfully it does. I holds the LTE signal where I live unlike the Note 5. Furthermore the DTEK60 gets VoLTE which I enjoy very much so and my carrier-branded Note 5 doesn't for some reason. Call quality is very good on it too. Just another reason that I am using my DTEK60 now at my house as my main surfing unit. I compared the DTEK signal with the S7 and although the LTE bars are less than the S7 when I go the SIM status signal strength they are both about the same.

    The speakers are excellent. Very nice sound comes out of them and the volume is good enough for what I would want. I dig stereo speakers so big thumbs up here.

    The screen is AMOLED which is another of my must-haves. Looks great. Thankfully no curved screen. Big, readable flatscreen goodness! Amen! I despise curved screens. Will never buy a phone with one. I used to hate onscreen buttons but for some odd reason I have changed and don't mind them anymore. I used another similarly spec'd compettitors phone that had capacitive buttons that didn't light up and although I had more screen real estate, I wound up becoming very annoyed; Because in low light situations I couldn't easily find those buttons as quickly as I'd like to and would have too many mis-hits. Also I like how easy it is to press the home soft-button unlike phones with the home button as fingerprint reader that requires a hard press to get to Home.

    The DTEK60 also weighs less than that competitors phone and I'm glad because the other phone would be noticeably weighty too often and I don't have a problem surfing longtime with the DTEK60's weight.

    Like I said the BlackBerry Android apps are great. I mainly use and like the HUB, Device Search, the keyboard, and the shortcuts. Man, I remember like 4 years ago there were articles about how universal search on a phone was a big thing. I really think it is big thing but so many other phones have terrible device searching apps. With device search I truly get a universal search which I love because when you are in a hurry you need to pull up that train schedule or whatnot right away. Since I'm discussing software I would really like if BlackBerry could incorporate the text selection round-thing they have in BlackBerry 10 into their Android OS. That thing is beyond great and makes selecting text sooooooooo easy unlike the stock Android text-selection experience. Also I use Fleksy keyboard on my other phones. Wouldn't mind an option to permanently have a number row and the copy/paste/cut/selectall buttons that Fleksy allows. Those are quite handy.

    Ofcourse the Snapdragon 820 makes it a fast phone and it noticeably beats my Note 5. Fingerprint reader works fast and fine. Quick Charge 3.0 works great the way it was meant to work. I had another brand phone with QC3.0 that wouldn't work when the display was on which sucked.

    Also I love the options for the recents app button. I personally highly dislike the Rolodex-type that is used on most Android phones. Tiles is perfect for me. A big improvement IMO.

    There are a few things I would have liked differently.

    - I would have gladly given up the 1440 x 2560 resolution for a 1080 x 1920 one if we could have gotten the IMX240 camera module instead of the IMX230. Daylight looks fine but it overall definitely isn't as good as my Note 5 camera.
    - The bezels on the side are fine. Just on the top and bottom you could slim them down a good .75 cm each to make it less wieldy. Thickness of the phone is real nice. And the overall build quality is excellent too along with the look and feel.
    - Being that the Snapdragon 820 has an FM radio, I don't see why we aren't allowed access to it with the Next Radio FM app.
    - One-color notification LED on a BlackBerry? What!?
    - I'd like the ability to edit my quick menu items
    - Would like the option to turn phone encryption off as I don't want it nor have a need for it

    I hoping we get 7.1.1 Nougat soon and the ability to do the blue light filter and quick tile editing along with other improvements.

    Overall it is a pleasure to use. It's a great phone and for me it beats the competition in its price range. Of the three phones I have I like using this phone for communicating and surfing the most.
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    04-02-17 02:07 PM
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