1. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    Good reason to keep an old phone around for emergencies like this. You would be without a phone if you dropped it in the toilet too.
    I agree with you though. It would be nice if the person you called would walk you through a reload before telling you to send it in. It takes time though, so he is taking the easy way, for him.
    04-21-17 07:54 AM
  2. MC_A_DOT's Avatar
    This thread confirms my suspicions about Android. It's garbage.
    What Android have you used then?
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    04-21-17 08:01 AM
  3. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    Did they offer to send you a loaner phone to use while your phone is being repaired?
    04-21-17 09:11 AM
  4. whatsever's Avatar
    wife has a dtek50 and a friend of mine and both have good experience , both dislike android and ios
    04-21-17 10:25 AM
  5. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    And this is my first Android experience. I really don't see what that has to do with texting and using my camera. I get messages all the time saying "The keyboard has stopped working." , "Messages has stopped working." These are the constant issues I have with this device.[/QUOTE]

    To clear up your misunderstanding "I really don't see......." to put it bluntly, You have a corrupt OS. Any number of things can cause a system file to become unstable and it only takes one system file to cause problems.

    Your Device is fine. Reload the OS as suggested.
    You might also cruise over to "Android Central" (a part of Mobile Nations) for a more in depth description of all things Android.
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    04-21-17 10:57 AM
  6. awindsr's Avatar
    Have 2 Dtek 50's in the house. Both the wife and daughter love them. No complaints at all.

    Posted via CB10
    04-21-17 02:36 PM
  7. Zeddepher's Avatar
    Yeah, because you get awesome support from BlackBerry and the BB10 team @ BlackBerry is supported by the company so well.....

    Posted via CB10
    Actually I'm not getting any of that.

    BB10 is doomed, the sky is blue and Android is garbage.
    04-21-17 03:16 PM
  8. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    This thread confirms my suspicions about Android. It's garbage.

    One person's garbage is another person's treasure.
    04-21-17 03:20 PM
  9. terminatorx's Avatar
    One person's garbage is another person's treasure.
    Except for iOS, which sux ballz either way.
    04-21-17 04:46 PM
  10. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    Except for iOS, which sux ballz either way.
    in your opinion!
    04-21-17 11:11 PM
  11. Zeddepher's Avatar
    04-21-17 11:31 PM
  12. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    There comes an age when you should no longer feel the need to get attention from others with opinions that no one cares about anyway.
    That age is 11
    04-21-17 11:45 PM
  13. BBUniq01's Avatar
    We bought two Dtek50s. One for my teen son who uses the heck out of it and another for my MIL. Both working great. Zero problems.
    Yesterday 11:03 PM
  14. adonesc's Avatar
    I am SO disappointed with the DTek50. I've had BB after BB after BB since 2008. A loyal BB customer I've been! I've always told my friends I will never switch but this is my last BlackBerry.

    Since the week I got it I've been having problems. The keyboard stops working, the HUB stops working, Messages stops works, the camera stops working... I called a month ago and the guy helped clear all of the data and Force Stop all of these apps but that did nothing. Finally today after missing the chance to take a picture of my daughter's cast being removed BECAUSE MY CAMERA STOPPED WORKING I called again to demand a new phone! ...That's not part of the warranty process. I'd have to send this one in, let them see IF they encounter the problems I sporadically, yet frequently, encounter, then they'd fix it and send it back. Who the heck would be OK without a phone for a week or two?? Are you serious? I've paid so much money to BlackBerry over the years and this is the way I'm treated??

    This phone is terrible. BB's have always been buggy but this is beyond and I'm not even joking. I've asked the reps if it's just mine or are they all this way but they never responded to that question. Am I the only one?? I'm done with BB. Guess I'll have to try Samsung. D:
    Why would you want a Scumsung...you want to exchange a buggy phone, for an overly expensive one that will blow up in your face?!

    Respect My Autoritah!
    Today 05:36 AM
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