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    Question WhatsApp 2.8.5325 Issue on my 9360

    Hello there,

    This is my first post here and I wish you guys will be helpful

    I've been using WhatsApp on my Curve 9360 since I bought the device and it's working fine until I upgraded to the new version 2.8.5325 while I was on 2.8.198. The new version is working but it's slow! For example if I'm opening a chat, it will take a few seconds or if I'm sending the text I've written, it will take a few seconds to appear on the conversation area and this is really annoying me! I downgraded for 2.8.198 yesterday and everything went fine but now the WhatsApp application is too old and no longer functions.

    Anybody knows a version where it won't get slow but still not "too old"? Or can I keep this new version and solve this problem?

    I'm on OS 7.1 Bundle 1133 (v7.1.0.336 Platform

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: WhatsApp 2.8.5325 Issue on my 9360

    upgrade your bb os also along with whats app it will work fine.
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    Default how?

    can you please tell me how to install whatsapp in blackberry curve 9360 i am trying from a long time but they always says that it is not available for this device can any one help me please
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    Default WhatsApp 2.8.5325 Issue on my 9360

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