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    Default Really clicky key?

    Good evening.

    Basically, I've noticed that the "S" key on my qwerty keyboard is EXTREMELY clicky. Compared to all the other keys on the keyboard, which make a sort of "soft" click; this "S" key makes a comparably loud click, that has more of a snap to it, than a click.

    Just wondering if this is anything I should be worried about, or if it'll just go away after a few days/weeks of use. (Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I'm new to Blackberry phones, so I don't know if it's to be concerned about or not.)

    I bought the phone 3 days ago, and it is my first Blackberry phone, which I bought to accompany my Playbook. So far, I'm loving it - just as much as I love my Playbook!

    But yes, any suggestions will be, and are, greatly appreciated!
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    I developed an annoying click on my "Back " key, it would almost chirp. I almost wanted to return it, but I broke it in more, it went away. Try spamming the s key, it should wear-in a bit. Good luck bud

    edit I think the curve 9320 is one of the best OS 7 devices you can buy. Loved it. hope you like it too

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