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    Default New Situtation - BB 8520 white screen when used for a while

    have a white screen problem with my BB curve 8520. WHen surfing or making calls for a while i get the white screen. When the phone is put back on charge it reboots back to normal and then same again when used for a while. What could be the problem? any help highly appreciated since i am at my wits end in searching for a solution.

    OS - 5.0 bundle 1682 recently upgraded
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    My wife just had that same problem. We took the phone to our service provider and they said the battery was swollen and that it had a dead cell. We just got a new battery today. They said this is a common problem with BB's, so get your battery checked.
    hope this helps.
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    yes the battery is the problem ... whenever it becomes swollen it affects the phone bigtime. As I've said b4 in another thread, it happens with 9700's, 8900's and 8520's. Here is a link to a youtube video I did demonstrating the problem with a BB 8900...... Javelin

    Check out the BlackBerry Phone Repairs website http://cellphonediary.com/
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    Default my blackberry phone showing white screen

    my blackberry 8520 showing white screen when i use my phone for 10 or 15 min approx it shows white screen and when i em doing charging side by side i em working it doesnt show white screen and when it shows white screen i hve to take out my phone battery and den i hve to put it in again if it is charging it wil start as normally it used to do but if i em starting widout charging it doesnt start

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