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    I'm having major issues with my Blackberry Curve 8530. I won't give a whole backstory...mostly because I'm not to sure what happened, but here's the get-down:
    My Blackberry is dead, no, it doesn't have the hourglass or whatnot when I turn it on, I mean black screen. Along with the black screen of death, the red LED indicator blinks four (4) times, which I've to mean that the OS has crashed. (The red LED indicator blinks once, pauses, then blinks three more times. After a second or two, the whole proccess repeats itself).
    I've searched around for a couple of days, but, alas, I've been out of luck.

    I've tried the direction in this link:
    and a lot of other directions. However, nothing's happening--AT ALL.

    So, here's what I've done:
    I've done the command prompt and followed the commands on the above link. When I enter LOADER /NOJVM, the AppLoader opens. The drop-down list next to Connections is completely blank. I've connected my Blackberry, and the red LED indicator blinks, but nothing happens. I've taken out the battery, then plugged it back in, but still, nothing happens.

    My final resort was to post my problem on Crackberry forums. I'm hoping Reed McLaycould help me with my problem at the moment. Thank You for helping me.
    01-18-12 06:31 PM
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    Can anybody help me?
    01-20-12 07:22 AM
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    This happened to me too.. I charged my blackberry bold 9930 for about 2 hrs. After that it wont turn on, it just flashes this red light. I tried to wipe with BBSWAK, apploader, BB desktop manager and JLcmder.. none of these worked.. Plus when my BB is connected to the PC and i removed the battery it shows a battery sign with an X. Please help me.. =(
    04-01-12 03:48 AM
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    ha, I had this same problem actually, in september (and if I'm not mistaken into oct. as well.) Funny because ever since I first got it (about a year previous to this issue), I'd get the white "screen of death" and/or random crash-reboots at least once every few days! It started turning into several times a day, then was doing exactly what you're describing...then it also began to only be functional when it was plugged into my laptop USB. I'd unplug it, it'd do the four-lights-blink-crash cycle again. If I plugged it into the wall, it didn't seem to detect that at all and continued the same as when unplugged; a few days or maybe a week later, I had no network signal! It said the radio is off, after multiple reboots it was still saying it was off, I couldn't enable wifi or bluetooth either...

    I had a one-year insurance plan from virgin mobile, so I called them about it and after two excessively long and unnecessary walkthroughs, backed up my stuff and downgraded to the next lowest OS b/c he said he thinks the latest one has more issues...didn't work. He had me ship it back to them and I got a replacement. Which is what I'm using now, and the first one I got at radioshack; the batteries actually are different, at least in labeling. This VM-labeled one though, I'm willing to bet hasn't caused me as many white screens in the past year as my first one did in a few months.... (Slacker has been crashing the thing lately but that's irrelevant here I think..)

    I've also had issues, with both phones, with chargers not working, or constantly going between connecting-disconnecting (both Windows and Mac have given me repeated pop-ups that I unplugged the phone, pretty much every time I'd move it...

    I'm making a separate post about that, but what worries me is that the last time I used an A/C charger, the phone lost its ability to charge entirely, and it happened to coincide with my computer crashing/hard drive malfunction.... directly preceding a kidney infection that came out of nowhere.. anyway, suffice to say technology pulverized my GPA last semester and now I'm twice as pressured about grad school!!

    So all that said, lol I'd say replace the phone. Are you in a warranty of some sort that will replace it for free?
    Because between my BB and my laptop, I feel I was entitled to a completely free (shipping + taxes included) replacement of each. But I didn't get the laptop, because I stupidly took care of it well enough that it was okay until it was well out of the first year...
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    04-11-12 02:49 PM
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    I think I know the soloution to this problem. Is it that suddenly you went on your phone and a black screen comes up, the phone doesn't work at all and the LED light flashes 3/4 times, if so the continue reading this; what you need to do to fix this problem is firstly;

    1. Take your battery out for five minutes, then put it back in
    2. Put your phone in charge
    - even if you left it in charge before
    - this could take up to 10 minutes
    3. You might see an icon of your phone getting charged within ten minutes. If so, then worry not.

    The causes to this problem are
    - overcharging your phone
    - not charging your phone at all

    - just put your phone in charge, this has worked for me. GOOD LUCK!
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    04-21-12 10:25 AM
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    Literally you saved my life! I was having a mini melt-down!!!!! <3
    06-30-12 06:17 PM
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    I need help! My 8530 shuts down and reboots after every call. It was doing this for a while and I thought it was due to all of the sales calls sending funky software codes to my phone or something. I changed my number and I even changed it on desktop manager and everything meshed but still now after every single call I get a choice in a box that says cell phone CT (or whatever state the call is from) and then 3 boxes under it that say OK, BACK or CANCEl, it doesn't matter what box i choose it shuts down, it doesn't matter who calls this comes up. I have security wiped the phone 3 times. the third time my oldest contact list was re-loaded onto the phone after the wipe..I don't know how that happened. I updated all the software from desktop manager and everything was up to date. I just don't know what else to do...the phone is useless does someone know about this thing that after every call it shuts down? Please Help!!!
    06-30-12 07:25 PM
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    My phone phone does the same but the light stays on for 20 seconds and if I plug it to my PC same results but if I plug it to my ps3 the red light just constantly blinks and phone never turns on please help me
    12-10-12 09:23 PM
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    I'm having a melt down. I was sending a bb message to a friend and then suddenly my phone had a white screen. I switched the phone off and then back on.....but then only a blank (black) screen and the red LED light (not flashing). I am currently charging my phone via a USB to my PC (it's been on a charge for about 10 mins now and still nothing. My phone won't go on (8520).
    Please help...I'm having a melt down!!!!!!
    01-21-13 04:29 AM
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    02-14-13 01:46 AM
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    My blackberry suddenly stopped working. I have it connected to my pc at the moment, but it won't turn on, it just has a battery sign with a red cross on it, what the **** is this? How do i get it to turn? PLEASEEEEE HELPPP M
    02-14-13 01:48 AM
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    bro... i m also having same prblm....
    let me tell u full story.....
    i connected my bb 8520 to my pc to install latest version of os5...
    i wiped my bb 8520 using BBSAK but now , only red light blinks four times after every 1 or 2 seconds....and it shows nothing on displayClick image for larger version. 

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    plzz help me
    and when i connect my bb8520 to pc and open apploader and click on next ,,, it shows a blank box...i'v posted pic of it....
    11-06-13 07:23 AM
  13. Sabir Salmani's Avatar
    i m having same prblm....
    let me tell u full story.....
    i connected my bb 8520 to my pc to install latest version of os5...
    i wiped my bb 8520 using BBSAK but now , only red light blinks four times after every 1 or 2 seconds....and it shows nothing on display
    and when i connect my bb8520 to pc and open apploader and click on next ,,, it shows a blank box...i'v posted pic of it....Click image for larger version. 

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    plzz help...
    11-06-13 07:27 AM