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    Default Setting Up Voicemail on my New Curve

    I recently upgraded from a Pearl (I kept the same number), and my voicemail isn't working when others call me. However, when I press the 1 key or call my own number, the same voicemail system from the Pearl appears with the same old messages. So I guess I already have a mailbox, but it just isn't working when others call me. What should I do? Thanks a bunch.
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    I would call your carrier. VM is switch based & attached to your number. The may need to correct the programming.

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    I think your best bet is to call AT&T or go to an ATT store and have them fix it.
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    I have a problem...somewhat similar. I recently had my voicemail on speed dial as the "W" or "1" key on my curve. But upon deleting other speed dials, i accidentally deleted the voicemail sped dial key. It would go directly to my voicemail and use the password i have set up so that i dont have to type it in everytime i go to my vmail like my other phones(great feature btw). Anyway, my question is, does anyone know how i can get that speed dial back like it was?? When i go 2 my call log, i can still see the word Voicemail, but when i type my number and call it, it just shows it as a number that isn't in my address book. I don't want to assign that speed dial by typing in my entire phone number, i want it to be my actual Voicemail again. Please help if you can! Thanks in advance!!
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