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    Default password lockout

    Hi there hoping someone can help? My blackberry is password locked, i have not used the phone for a while lost my other phone now i have forgotten the password. What can i do?
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    I think you should restore the phone using BlackBerry Link, and you can run the latest leak if possible , don't do a security wipe by typing the password wrong 10 times, as it it delete all data but it will not remove password

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    Connecting the phone to Link will prompt device password to be entered to be able to either backup and restore. Only option that would seem to be possible now, is to type password wrong 10 times and initiate a device wipe or try to think hard and remember that password

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    But security wipe stoll keeps the password

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    Welcome to CrackBerry. It's unfortunate that this has to be your first post, a problem. I'm assuming you have the Curve 3G, as you've selected that device when setting up your account.

    Hopefully you do still have a backup from Desktop Manager, or had BlackBerry Protect set up to backup your important data. If not, you'll unfortunately be starting from scratch. If you can't remember the password, you have no choice but to use the 3 to 10 attempts to unlock your Curve. If you can't get it right, the last failed attempt will cause a Security Wipe. This will take a while, but when complete, you'll have the device unlocked, and as if it was fresh out of the box and ready to set up. You didn't say what your lost device was -- hopefully you still have a BIS enabled data plan, so you can still use the Curve.

    FYI: The other members answering here were under the impression that you're locked out of a BlackBerry 10 device, therefore were referring to the Link software. Last point, I've moved your thread to the appropriate Curve 3G forum.

    Good luck.

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