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    Default Yahoo email message deleted from iPad not removed/reconcile to Blackberry​, BUG

    This used to work but for the last few weeks, not!

    When deleting email from a web session on yahoo.com it does get removed on my blackberry (this works),
    same when email for that same yahoo account was deleted from my ipad it was removed from
    my blackberry (this is no longer happening).

    The problem is that now all yahoo email deleted from my ipad is NOT deleted from my blackberry,
    and still showing as "not read"... I see that the are removed from my yahoo inbox, so the iPad is doing the job.

    Removal from the blackberry does remove email from the yahoo inbox correctly and it is removed from the ipad side too correctly.
    Deleting email on yahoo.com (web session) does remove it from the Blackberry and iPad, this works still...

    Again, it is when I delete yahoo email from the iPad side that the deleted email is removed on yahoo.com BUT NOT on the blackberry...

    What is the problem??? Support made me do all the update, account, books, etc... still it does not work...

    Blackberry 9900 on Bell Canada
    7.1 bundle 1646 (v7.1.0.523, platform
    PS Support made me remove all accounts, add it back on the blackberry, resent books, etc... no go.
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    Are all accounts on all the devices set up as IMAP?

    Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10
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    For the blackberry I have Synchronization Options set to "Deleted items". The email accounts correctly show the "Y" of yahoo... Before we did in this direction, reconcile works... if I delete on yahoo.com web session it does get remove on the phone.... It is when I delete from the yahoo email on the iPad that it does not get to the blackberry, it is removed from the yahoo.com inbox and moved to the yahoo.com deleted folder (I see from the web session)... why is the blackberry not made aware of this... and it used to work up until a few weeks ago...
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    Does the delete show if you refresh the account on the BB?
    Posted by my device of choice. Might be a BlackBerry, might not be. It is of no concern to you.
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    No, doing "reconcile" with the yahoo email folder open does not remove the email from the blackberry that has been deleted on yahoo inbox from the ipad. Again, if deleted on yahoo.com web session it is reconcile automatically to the blackberry (and ipad).
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    I face the same issue on my BB 9380. Thought it was an issue with my service provider but looks like a generic problem. Not sure if there's a way around. I'd be keen to get this problem resolved. Any bright ideas? Thanks!
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    I have been having the same problem. On my bb 9930 I've spoken to apple, Verizon and bb. Everyone blames it on everyone else. Did someone figure out how to fix it? Please say yes. And why did it change all of a sudden?

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