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    Default whos the best 3g.2g or 3g and 2g

    Whos the best 3G,2G or 3G and 2G please reply~
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    what kind of question is that.. i didnt know 3g was a person. be more specific please
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    Generally 3G and 2G, because if you lose 3G signal your phone will automatically lock onto 2G.
    I wouldn't advise using 3G only unless you're in a very strong 3G signal area, and use 2G only if you're conserving battery or have no 3G signal.
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    I keep mine 3G only, I have good cell reception. It saves battery because my network doesn't look for the 2G tower.

    Some people like using 2G the oler towers, only because its a little less demanding and can get even better battery life but is slower with data.

    When you use 3g/2g, the network will be looking at 2g and 3g towers and pick wichever offer the stronger signal. The network can changes from 2g/3g all day long, the battery can drain real quick if your in an area where there's a couple towers near by, but your phone will have connectivity specially when going into the country or somewhere they haven't installed newer towers.
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    3G is much faster. I use 3G when I am in my city and 2G when I am travelling. If your country has good 3G network even on highways and remote areas, better to use 3G/2G option
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