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    Default what os should i upgrade too?

    I'm running T-mobile's .284 on my at&t for the mobile hotspot and nfc - it's been crashing hard core lately. I wanna upgrade but but don't know which one i should use. china mobile's .794? or the leaked .714?

    Which one is the best option? also, what's the deal with google maps? has the work around been found?

    Thx and happy holidays.
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    I'm on .794 and don't seem to have any issues.

    Just make sure you delete the vendor.xml files!
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    I'm on .569 & all good.
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    Why using the leaked .714 when you can get an official one from a rather large number of carriers? .714 is very decent, I upgraded to .746 a while back which is good too. The browser seems to be a bit faster there and you got inbuilt LED controls. If apps like Advanced LED & OS or BeBuzz are too much for you, you might dig the (quite limited) options to LED colours added natively by RIM. However since you are on AT&T, you might get their latest, official version. Since I am not from the US I can't really comment on this, but you read quite often from AT&T users suffering from microphone problems when using a non-AT&T firmware.
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    Ultimately, only you can determine which OS works best for you. [/color][/b]

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    I've had the best battery life with .746
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    The latest BL ultimate Hybrid is the only OS I would have on my 9900.

    If you have the Mic issue on AT&T there is a special BL Hybrid to avoid the problem occuring.

    BerryLicio.us Ultimate hybrid for most OS 7.1 devices

    Berrylicio.us Ultimate Hybrid OS 7 Special Edition for AT&T Users
    Passport SQW100-1 10.3.2. but I can't tell you which one

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    +1 with Legal Eagle

    BerryLicio.us Ultimate Hybrid 's are way better than any of the official OS's.
    BlackBerry Bold 9900 Powered by BL Ultimate Hybrid 7.1 RC11B1 (825 base + 714 Sfi)

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