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    Default Help Needed With VPN Option on my 9900

    Incase I missed a thread about this issue kindly point me to it. I've been searching with no luck for a VPN that I can use on the Blackberry as L2TP or PPTP. I'm in need of this because I live in China and there's this Firewall (#GFW) that prevents access to most popular Social Networks and some websites. Which as an expatriate it's very crucial to my livelyhood. But there are a few Blackberry users in the mainland who are able to access these sites. But when asked they all tell me that they use a BES that's beign hosted outside of China, they then point me to mail2web.com
    There've been mail exchange with the tech support at mail2web but none of them have been able to point me in the right direction with regards to which package I could use.

    So my point is
    1) Is there any VPN provide that support for Blackberry devices? (Just have BIS)
    2) In case of BES could anyone suggest which one will be appropriate.

    Help will be very much appreciated. Thanks
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    Default Hello

    Hi,Im Brian in Shanghai, i just saw your concerns over cencorship on mobiles ,like facebook ,twitter, i can't access it, im in Shanghai here, just been trying hard to find such a thing that is free that can get me around this GREAT firewall, i just found this is a free programme, called freegate, i tried it, it doesn't seem to work, but will keep trying, by the way, u found a solution to it?

    I would really appreciate it if u can let me know how u can do it if u have, thanks

    you might as well add my SKYPE: brian_world

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    Default Hmm no solution yet

    For a second i thought i was the only one in this storm.....

    I managed to get a mobile email hosting from myhosting.com (Same as mail2web), but now i'm still trying to configure my Phone to use the BES. I'm already on BIS, not sure if i need BES or not, One funny thing is whenever i called China Unicom's hotline they tell me that they have BES, but when i go to their business office they are like "We don't have BES" i really don't know what to do now.

    if all you need is twitter then you can install the old version of ubertwitter 0.971 and then you can also buy twitter end point API from Taobao it's like 6 rmb.

    Apart from that my friend we are out of luck.

    The only way is mail2web but i can't seems to figure out how it's being done.

    You might as well check it out......you might be lucky.

    I will add you on skype so we can figure out how to Jump #GFW.

    Home is where you Find It!!!
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    im in guangzhou i too had no luck so if anyone finds out somthin add me on bbm 2A66ED33

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