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    You all know that the first BB10 device likely will have a FFC, right?

    It's on the Dev Alpha device, and I can't imagine they'd remove features for a production device...

    That said, I think I'd rarely use it, except maybe for vacation photos.
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    RIM believes BB is all about corporate and it doesn't concerns Multi-Media Capabilites and the focus is total corporate use, so we need to get a lil wise about it

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    I love my Bold 9900, and don't miss a front facing camera at all. Having said that, if RIM does not come out with a front facing camera on the BB10 device...they really are in trouble.
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    I feel compelledt to say this even though I know bb10 will come with ffc. but my gosh its a BlackBerrry, ain't no iToy - ffc doesn't get shtufff done....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ignites View Post
    but my gosh its a BlackBerrry, ain't no iToy - ffc doesn't get shtufff done....
    RIM thought the same...
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    Just noticed that my fiend's 9900 has front face camera.
    And the main menu has "Screen grabber" menu item.
    Is this new release? Since mine is considered new and less than 1 year.
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    The BlackBerry 9900 is no small phone compared to any smartphone in the market.
    I see no reason why its missing on the its media side.
    •front facing camera
    •lack of auto focus on its 5MP
    Give your loyal fans what they what & you take the market once & for all.
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    I need my BB love for both work & play.
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    Not this again

    How is a front facing camera considered a toy? Have some of you actually used this feature before?

    I use my iPod Touch to facetime with my parents and friends. Its nice. Its just like BBM except I can see their face. Whats wrong with that?

    I would love BB10 with this much needed (and long overdue) feature.
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    Why so serious?

    Default Re: Front facing camera

    Given that my wife and young baby daughter are back home in the states during the holidays, I wish most days that my 9550 had a FFC and that the one on my PlayBook was compatible with more than just a proprietary chat client...

    so no, a front facing camera is not just for iPhones and other "toys," and I could see one having many business implications that could be quite lucrative for RIM to explore. I think even the most die-hard BB fans would be, at the very least, grateful they did so.
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