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    Software Download for Vodafone DE

    Downloading BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2807 (All Languages)

    BlackBerry - Software Downloads 2

    Published Date: 08/02/2013
    08-03-13 10:11 AM
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    This is actually the same as the one stickied here. Latest Official OS For 9900 /jAllLang From O2 UK

    New official software for 9900 from O2 UK

    BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2807 (All Languages)

    Package Version :
    Consisting of Applications :
    Software Platform :
    File name : 9900jAllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel2807_PL5.1.0.692_A7.1.0.1 033_O2_UK.exe
    File size : 287.67MB

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    08-03-13 08:21 PM
  3. barnuts's Avatar
    Why icant download it with my phone blackberry curve 9220
    05-14-16 12:04 PM
  4. conite's Avatar
    You download it and install it from your computer. Use BlackBerry Desktop.
    05-14-16 12:45 PM

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