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    Default blackberry 9900 first time charge?

    its been a while since ive gotten a new blackberry. i used to have the iphone 4 before going back to a blackberry. anyways the question i had was when i get a blackberry 9900 how long should i keep it on charge for the first time. ive looked around at some other threads for other phones and all the answers are different. should i wait till its fully charged and then use it or keep charging it for 12 hours or whatever
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    Got this tip long time ago from MacRumors, when I first bought my iPod.

    I leave it until Fully Charged (Icon or Percentage). Once it's done, you can't keep charging by leaving it plugged for 12 hours.

    I use it up for a few days or until there's only 10% left and that's why I charge it again. After I do this I charge it before I go to bed.
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    If my understanding is correct, these are Lithium-Ion, then it's best to charge these devices every day regardless. It is never "healthy" to let those batteries run completely dry.

    To answer your question, wait until it's 100% and disconnect. Plug it in before bed. Simple .
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    You can't overcharge a BB...that's all taken care of by the hardware. You can leave it in as long as you like, anytime, 1st charge or 400th charge, but no point once it's 100% charged. As was mentioned above, not healthy to let them run down, but that means run down to under 10% where the radio shuts off. They're good for 500 complete cycles. You can run down to 20-30% each time before charging with no impact on battery life/capacity.
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