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    Default What's wrong with with my phone?

    Had this issue back in March while I still had warranty with Bell Canada. I was told it was fixed and that it was confirmed a software issue.

    Now I have the exact same issue but I don't have warranty. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? I backed up my data, wiped it and I am restoring it right now. I was told by a Bell technician that a wipe should fix it, but it did not.

    EDIT: Initially, if I locked then unlocked my phone, it would clear up, the problem only happened if my screen was locked and I pressed the red button of back button to illuminate it (0 button worked oddly enough). Now it's at the point where even if I lock and unlock for 5-10 min. I MAY get my screen back. Even when it's back, if I scroll around or type, the screen pixelates. So hard to text or call.

    Phone Issues - Imgur
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    Default Re: What's wrong with with my phone?

    Call RIM technical support I guess. See what they have to say.
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    Default Re: What's wrong with with my phone?

    Looks like your liquid graphics are leaking. Not sure if that would be the video chip or not.
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