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    Default Blackberry says "there is not enough space available on the device to store more pict

    I have looked at other threads, but none solve the problem.

    Out of no where I tried taking a picture and it said "there is not enough space available on the device to store more pictures". I originally had photos stored on the phone, and on the memory card both say 0 now. My memory card is not being read by the blackberry anymore, I have formatted it and still have the same problem. What I am trying to solve is why I cannot take pictures, save pictures, etc on the device even though It says I have zero photos. I have basically zero additional apps.

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    Move into the media folder, Menu > Memory use

    See what it tells you.

    You may want want to Media > Menu > Options and change the memory limits.

    Also, your SD may be toast. Get a new one?
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    i agree about the sd probably being toast try taking the sd in general and see if it allows you to take a picture then

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    I WORKED OUT THE ERROR. no need to worry.

    blackberry can often do this at times and it's pretty annoying.
    but all you need to do is take out your sd/media card for 5 minutes. and once that's done, put it back in. just like a battery pull, but with your sd card. and try again to take a picture. it might recognise it, it worked for me! but the same thing happened to my friend for 3 days, and randomly out of the blues it started working.

    so yeah, just take out your SD card for five minutes, and put it back in!
    it could take 2 days, but no need to worry. your SD card isn't toasted.

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