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    Question Phone turns off when taking a picture with flash

    Hi Guys,

    I'm not too sure if this has happened to anyone else but every time I take a picture with flash my BB Bold 9700 turns off and I can't turn it back on unless I do a battery pull, when I do a battery pull and the phone reboots my battery is always really low (in the orange) - I have looked around on here and I saw someone said try changing the memory card which I have done but it's still doing it.

    Any ideas why this might be happening?


    PS. Roll on BB10!
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    The battery on most 9700s will have seen a lot of charge cycles by now. Depending what kind of lifestyle it has followed, you might simply have a battery which is starting to fail due to age.
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    I did think that it could be to do with the battery, no point me getting a new one now - I'll just wait for BB10

    Thanks for your help
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    Default same problem

    bro I have the same problem with my blackberry bold 4 when I take any picture with flesh my phone get off .please if u fine the solution please tell me also
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    is there no solution to this yet?
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    same here my blackberry 9930 has the same ******* problem ...i have changed my battery many times ,....i have 3 different battery for my bb 9930 but still turns off when taking a picture with a flash ...please we need solutions crackberry help us asap...thanks
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    My BB Bold 9930 just started doing the same thing. Very frustrating. I'm up for a new phone through Verizon in a week or so, so will just wait. Sorry RIM, but my next phone will NOT be a BlackBerry. Most likely will go Samsung S5 Mini...if it is released. :-)
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    Default BB9700 turns off when taking photos with flash

    I hope there is still a solution on how to fix my phone. I tried changing the battery and even the memory card. Still, it is turning off everytime I take photos with flash. Please send me solution.

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