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    Default Doesn't want to stay on 3G!!!

    I would have my 3G then it would just switch to EDGE out of nowhere. Even a battery pull doesn't fix this issue. I usually don't have any problems because it always stays on 3G.

    I upgraded to .423 this morning, but this was happening to me before u upgraded.

    Anyone have this issue? Right now on my WIFI and I never use my WIFI at home since I got this phone.

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    type mypin


    I leave mine connected with wi-fi on 24/7 never turn it off...

    as far as hopping off of 3g there just may be issues in your area
    Guys/Gals when I post things I am posting to the best of my knowledge if I am for certain incorrect please correct me more knowledge to me helps. Thanks!
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    It sounds like you are not getting a good 3G signal in your area.

    You would probably be better off keeping Wi-Fi on if you have a Wi-Fi connection. Using the Wi-Fi will be fast, and you will save battery life. When the phone constantly searches for a 3G signal when it is not available and switches back and forth from 3G to EDGE, your battery will drain really fast.
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    It happens from time to time. If it loses 3G and stays on EDGE for over 10-20 minutes, the I would contact your carrier and make sure there are no issues in your area. But usually(90%) it's just bad reception and happens from time to time.

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