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    Quote Originally Posted by cemotyz09 View Post
    The built in files were always drm protected as far back as 8330 now why its causing the issue now I'm not certain I know that happened to me when I went to os 6 but I think all I did was reload the os and it was fixed because I'm using .719 and I don't have the error
    So you're saying that when you initially installed OS 6.xxx, you had this problem, but after re-installing the OS again, it just went away by itself?

    That's actually one of my pet peeves with the legacy BBOS update process - it basically wipes the entire device and reinstalls every app, all data, and the entire OS from scratch, which I think is a process prone to various forms of disaster. (The one good thing about it - and of course this has historically been a BB strong-point - is that it's potentially more secure in the sense that if you had the previous OS compromised or rooted, simply updating a subset of files may not remove the compromise, whereas re-installing the entire OS from scratch pretty much guarantees the new install is clean.)
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    Yes it went away by itself I believe the only thing I would have done was a battery pull or reload os
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